Irish Wolf Hound: 10 Tips for Easier Life

There are lots of things that your Irish Wolf Hound requires and will need from time to time but I have compiled what I think are most important to him. If you will follow this list you will go a long way to insureing your pet is happy healthy and safe their whole life.

1. Lots of love
Your companion, above all else, wants love and attention. That means that even after they have become a part of the furniture in your home that they are treated as a loved and respected member of the family.

2. Good Nutrition
Next to love, the right kind of food is upper most for your pet. In 2007 we were made painfully aware of what can happen when we leave our choices in nutrition up the those who may not always have our pet's best interest in mind. I found a great resource in the form of a video below that addresses this problem effectively. It goes into great detail about what is important for your pet and what you can do about it.

If you want to know more about this video you can click here to get more information. In any case it would be wise to investigate in detail what you are actually feeding your dog because they deserve it.

Daily Exercise
This may seem more than obvious but your dog needs exercise. Just like we as humans we are healthiest when we get regular exercise but in the case of this unique breed it is even more important as they were breed to be runners and they have an instinctive drive to do so. Use this time to bond with your animal as well as meet their need.

Clean Environment
Some times pet owners forget that a clean environment is vital for their your dog. It is important that that you clean up after your dog. In the best case scenario you would do the cleaning as soon as the mess has been made. Some people don't do it this often but optimally it should be done often to insure best protection.

Good Vet
Find a good vet for your canine. That may even mean interviewing them to see what they really know about the special needs of your breed and if they have experience dealing with a Irish Wolf Hound. Some vets may be great with dealing with dogs in general but may not know a lot about this breed as in some places they are fairly rare.

Spay or Neuter
This is something every pet owner should consider. There are many advantages to doing so, Not the least of which is the avoidance of an unexpected litter and on the other end of the scale it will make your life easier. You won't have every male in town scraching your door down for your female when she is in heat and if you have a male, it will make you life easier since he will be calmer and not have a tendency to mark his territory so much.

Protection and Environment
Your dog needs to have a safe place to live just like you do. One that is free from hazards, external threats and maybe even enemies. All these things should be considered before you get a pet but even if you already have one you should do your best to create an environment of comfort and safety.

The requirement of this breed is to be cared for often to ensure a healthy and beautiful coat and to keep you abreast of any special needs that may arise. The time you spend grooming your dog will become a real bonding time and you can use it to give them the attention that they crave.

Legal Status
Make sure that you are legal in every sense. This is not to say you should feel guilty if you haven't registered your dog but what I mean is that you should be in compliance with all your local laws regarding pet ownership. Things like licenses, leash laws, vaccination's etc. Even noise ordinances that may come into play with your dog.

Training; Rules and Socializing
This is one of the best things you can do with your dog and yourself to ensure that you have a peaceful relationship with them. Train them to live by the guidelines that you setup and once they are trained they will obey and accommodate their best friend, you. Also teach them to be around people as this is important if you ever want to have friends over or take your dog along to the park or on a trip. They are going to run into people and they should know how to act. If you are interested in training your dog yourself there is a great program here!

I hope you have found these tips helpful and I wish you the best of luck with your Irish Wolf Hound. Visit one of my other sites for lots more info...

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